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Flamenco and jazz are in the original compositions of this great pianist from Madrid
Pedro Ojesto

Pedro Ojesto

Born in Madrid in 1953, he studyed music and piano at the Royal Conservatory of Madrid. His professional career began at the age of 19, writing music for theater and film scores. To date he has premiered over twenty original works.

Since the '70s he formed his own groups: Campanario, Celesta and Solar, highly respected in the national jazz scene, collaborating with fisrs class national and international musicians such as Uffe Markussen, Mike Richmond, Jorge Pardo... He worked as teachet at Taller de Musicos Madrid's Music School since its foundation in 1986, wrote the programs for harmony and ear training are taught in it and was head teacher from 1988 to 1992.

In 1994 and together with other musicians, founded Madrid's the New Music School, which is currently a director and which is taught in all areas of modern music, but with a special dedication to flamenco.

He collaborates regularly since the 80's with great flamenco artists. His most notable experiences are:
- "La Cuadra de Sevilla" by Salvador Tavora, whom he met Antonio Mairena, Melchor de Marchena and Raimundo Amador. - Enrique Morente, "Misa Flamenca".
- Juan Manuel Cañizares, playing his own compositions in group.
- José Antonio. Galicia, a pioneer in fusing flamenco with other music, collaborating with artists as Gerardo Núñez, "La Tolea", "El Bola" and many others.
- With Agustín Carbonell "El Bola" worked closely since 1989. He has recorded with him all his records and TV and also has performed and toured all over the world (Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Lisbon, Istanbul ...)
- In 1996, the label Nuevos Medios included in his album "Jóvenes Flamencos Volume V" the song Cielo Rojo, where he is composer and performer with Bernardo Parrilla and "El Negri". In that same year he participated in the recording of the album "A Pasito Lento" by flamenco singer Ricardo Losada "El Yunque", with his arrangements, piano and keyboards.
- With the "Gispsy Passion" by Joaquín Cortés, after several international tours, including the Montreux Jazz 1998, where he participated in the recording of a live album in collaboration with other artists (Enrique and Estrella Morente, Antonio Carbonell, Matt Bianco and Charo Manzano) his arrangements are included in the repertoire.
- In late 1998, he published his first solo album "Lo Mejor Que Tengo" with the collaboration of great artists such as Antonio Carbonell, Enrique Heredia "El Negri", Elena Andujar, "El Bola", Rubem Dantas and Bernardo Parrilla. This CD, based on his own compositions, allowedt him to play with his band in many concerts and tours, most recently by the major cities of Mexico in the spring of 1999.
- In February 1999, worked in the Café de Chinitas with the show of Elena Andujar, becoming the first pianist who plays in this legendary flamenco "tablao".
- In February 2000, teaches a seminar on "Introduction to Flamenco Today" at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Madrid, which has reachedaa successful participation and recognition.
- In June 2001, was released the CD-tribute to the French song "Chanson Flamenca", which he is producer, musician and arranger. This CD features fist level Flamenco artists sach as Ramón El Porutgués, Montse Cortes, El Negri, Canizares, El Guadiana, Charo Manzano, etc.
- In January 2002, he toured on national and international stages with Chanson Flamenca, a live show with musicians, singers and dancers, which he is musical director, and as guest artist is dancing Antonio Canales.
- In 2004 he recorded his last solo work "Quiero" with the label Karonte, based on the sound of his current trio, with Jose Miguel Garzon on bass and drummer-percussionist Fernando Favier, and with some contributions as singer Ramon "El Portugues" or saxophonist Jorge Pardo.

- In 2005 recorded with his trio an album tribute to Agustín Lara, sung by Enrique Heredia "El Negri", sharing with him the musical production. They performed this show at some Jazz Festivals (San Javier 2006) or in local jazz clubs (Cafe Central, Calle 54 .. etc).

At the end of 2006 played in France, with Pascal Gaona as a dancer and choreographer of the show " Flamenco.fr", based on songs from "Chanson Flamenca", assuming the musical direction.

He is currently working with Flamenco guitarist David Cerreduela in a band, where they are accompanied by the rhythm section of the trio and some special collaboration.

Pedro Ojesto

Pedro Ojesto trio:
José Miguel Garzón, bass
Fernando Favier, percussion

Pedro Ojesto Quartet:
José Miguel Garzón, bass
Fernando Favier, percusision
Román Filiú, sax

Pedro Ojesto Quintet:
José Miguel Garzón, bass
Fernando Favier, percussion
David Cerreduela, flamenco guitar
Román Filiú, sax




Flamenco Jazz Company

This line-up comes from the group Pedro Ojesto Quintet, which integrate two promising young Flamenco singers: Israel Fernandez and Miguel de la Tolea. In this project you can see a new step in this development path currently living in Flamenco, influenced by all the musicians who come together around what is now called flamenco-jazz, but with a view from the Flamenco tradition. In this show converge experience, freshness, creativity, class and elegance that printed its members, acquired in a multitude of artistic experiences. The philosophy of this group is the spontaneity and naturalness above all, being the depth of his music the only element not improvised. In their shows come together, in a non-premeditated, the trends of young "crooners" of Jazz and more ancient traditions of Flamenco. In addition to this band, some concerts has the collaboration of dancers like Pol Vaquero or David Paniagua, or musicians such as Antonio Mesa or Román Filiú, on sax and flute.

Flamenco Jazz Company - Nikela

"Nikela" is the title of the first album of Flamenco Jazz Company. A work that faithfully reflects the group's live sound.

Bulerias, tangos, jaleos, rumba and soleás are some of the tunes that make up the repertoire, including compositions by Juan Antonio Salazar, Luis Pastor and members of the group.

Artists like flamenco singer Montse Cortés and violinist Raul Marquez have collaborate in the recording sessions for this CD.

The album was produced by Jazz Flamanco Company for the Nuba Records label, distributed by Karonte.


"Nikela" press kits
ABC - Flamenco World 1 - Flamenco World 2 - Raíces Andaluzas - - Tomajazz crítica - Tomajazz concierto - Distrito Jazz - Flamencoweb.fr -


Israel Fernández

Born in Toledo, he is a prodigious young singer whose voice has made him a winner of television competitions wide audience from young and charismatic acting in places such as the Centro de Arte Flamenco La Mercé, in Cadiz or the National Auditorium with the National Orchestra. He is currently promoting his album, Naranjas sobre la Nieve, and preparing a world tour with the show Carlos Saura's Flamenco Hoy.
Israel Fernández_FJC
Miguel “de la Tolea”

This promising young singer, a native of Barcelona, son of the great dancer "La Tolea" has an extraordinary artistic career that started at the age of twelve. In addition to working with her mother around the world and his uncle "El Toleo", he has worked with leading figures in Flamenco, like Joaquin Cortes, Antonio Canales, Sara Baras, Enrique Morente, Tomatito, Niña Pastori, Joaquín Sabina, Miguel Poveda, Estrella Morente, among other artists.
Miguel "de la Tolea"_FJC
Pedro Ojesto

Pianist, composer and producer of this, and many other projects, such as Chanson Flamenca, Flamenco.fr. His own albums, Quiero and Lo Mejor Que Tengo, among other productions for other singers such as Israel and El Negri, collaborations with dancers like Joaquin Cortes, Antonio Canales... and with a long career in the jazz scene, but always with a passionate fidelity to the risk of merging his own ideas in music.
Pedro Ojesto_FJC
David Cerreduela

Flamenco Guitarist from the famous Madrid's Flamenco neiborhood "Caño Roto", he is one of the most sought after guitarists in the Flamenco scene. He has worked with most of the great Flamenco stars such as Antonio Canales, Sara Baras, Enrique Morente... and others who have their music on their shows. He is one of the Flamenco musicians with more personality and with his own sound.
David Cerreduela_FJC
José Miguel Garzón

Long experienced bassist in Jazz and in Flamenco. He has worked with Joaquin Cortes, Antonio Canales, Enrique Morente, Estrella Morente, "El Cigala"... etc. He has participated on numerous recordings and TV programs as well as with classical orchestras. He has create his own projects in the jazz enviroment and collaborates with many others artists in the professional world.
 osé Miguel Garzón_FJC
Fernando Favier

Drummer and percussionist from Cuba. In Flamenco, for over ten years he is considered one of the masters of percussion. He has worked with renowned artists such as Joaquín Cortés, Alejandro Sanz, Niña Pastori, Concha Buika, etc. In his curriculum are countless jobs as a session musician, either to record works by important artists as well as for video, film and TV, in Cuba, in Spain and the U.S. He has become one of the most talented musicians of his specialties (drums - percussion), especially in the areas of Latin Jazz and Flamenco.
Fernando Favier_FJC

Flamenco Jazz Company's official website



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