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The most authentic flamenco expression of an exceptional musician.

In the music “collection” ‘Vientos flamencos 2’, Jorge Pardo launches a refreshing regard at traditional Spanish music. And the thing is that not only does he take care of delving deep into the dialogue between jazz and flamenco which he is an outstanding forerunner of, but is also inspired by Spanish pasodoble, joropos and Latin American guajiras and classical Isaac Albéniz.

The album moreover includes songs of his own such as the bulerías ‘Ya puedo empezar’ and a double tribute to Camarón: the soleá ‘Homenaje al Chaqueta’ and ‘Viejo mundo’. The eighth solo album by the Madrilenian saxophonist is a record with a collaborative spirit recorded at home studios in which nearly thirty musicians are heard.

From Camarón to Albéniz. From soleares to joropos. From pasodobles to Tío Borrico. From jazz to flamenco. The music collection ‘Vientos flamencos’ which Jorge Pardo has been working on for the past four years now has a second installment.

The album, released in 2009, plunges deep into traditional Spanish music from the flamenco-jazz perspective which identifies the Madrilenian musician. But he also spreads out to the other side of the ocean, dealing with Latin American styles like the joropo ‘Membrillo’ by Juan Romero and the guajira ‘Tintando el día’ by Héctor González. Both songs belong to the sleeve ‘Qué grandes músicos’ (‘What Great Musicians’). And the thing is that the Madrilenian saxophonist is keeping open several albums which he is feeding little by little. One of the most significant ones is ‘x Camarón’, where there is room here for the soleá ‘Homenaje al Chaqueta’ and a very personal version of ‘Viejo mundo’, one of the most significant cuts on the album ‘La leyenda del tiempo’, which has its thirtieth anniversary precisely this year. “This song is one of the ones that has stuck to my life. We used to play it with Dolores in the times when we were with Camarón. We played it at the Monumental Bullring in Barcelona”, the musician explains in the booklet made up of texts which he himself has written. Jorge Pardo’s plunges into flamenco are marked with the label ‘Mis palos’ (‘My Styles’). And there are three scores of his own here: the bulerías ‘Ya puedo empezar’, the rumba ‘Media ración’ and the soleá ‘Dos siglos’. Also his is the solo piece ‘Billones de años’, belonging to the sleeve ‘Pensamientos’ (‘Thoughts’). The album’s contents are completed with the version of the pasodoble ‘En er mundo’ and with that of ‘Cádiz’ by Isaac Albéniz which Pardo recorded for Carlos Saura’s film ‘Iberia’ together with Carles Benavent and Tino di Geraldo, his trio partners. The second chapter of ‘Vientos flamencos’ is an itinerant recording carried out at the different home studios of many of the participating musicians. In total, nearly thirty instrumentalists are heard, among them, guitarists such as Josemi Carmona, Juan Diego, Paquete and Nono García, percussionists like Rubem Dantas and Tino di Geraldo, the bass of Benavent, voices such as that of Antonio Carbonell, violinists, pianists and trumpet players, among others.

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